November 29th, 2021

It's hard to believe it's been over 20 years since our first Drunkenmatch. In honor of the anniversary all videos are being captured from the original tapes in full definition and uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Grab a beverage of your choice, sit back and enjoy some DrunkenMatch.
~ Mad Casey

October 8th, 2010

I brought the original site back to life. All video's are free to watch. Grab a beer, sit back and watch the fights. Just like the 'ol days.
~ Mad Casey

July 3rd, 2002

Here is a brand new match from this year. We got a newcomer to Drunkenmatch goin' up against the closest thing we have to a Drunken Champion - El Desvariado. Check it out, it's a great match.

Look for an upcoming DrunkenMatch video which contains exclusive footage and introducing an all new DrunkenMatch "Drunk Bastard Free for All" match, plus many surprise extras. And where are all the ladies at?! Are you scared? We encourage you to participate.

June 13th, 2002

I just finished uploading a great match. Don't forget to vote for who you think the winner is. DrunkenMatch is back up and running and we will have many new matches for your viewing pleasure. Check back for updates and enjoy the new match while you're here.

April 25th, 2002

Obviously it's been a while since we have posted any new matches, but there has been an update to the site tonight. On every match page we have added a voting booth so you can help pick out the real drunken champs. Just scroll down the match pages and look to your left to vote. We should be back to shooting some new matches any week now - we just have to rescue the ring from the jungle that swallowed it first. Rest assured, it will be soon. So for now just watch the matches all over again and vote for the winners. Check back soon for more.

I'd also like to thank Ralusp from Sympoll, Ajay Mannepalli, and Rex Parsons for helping me to get voting up on the site. Thanks guys!

March 10th, 2002

Uploaded a great match tonight. We should have some more in the next week or so. Check back soon.

February 19th, 2002

Just uploaded a "special treat" of a match tonight. Go check it out! Here's a link for the truly lazy -- match no.31.

February 17th, 2002

Well it's been another long month and all we have to show for it is one new fight, though it is a great match. Here is a link to match no.30 - Check it out! The weather is starting to get nicer and we will probably be jumping into the second season of DrunkenMatch very soon. Check back often for more updates.

January 18th, 2002

Tonight we have uploaded two new matches. They were filmed at sundown and had to be lightened for the internet, but they came out ok. Hope you enjoy them.. and more to come.

January 3rd, 2002

We have just uploaded a new match to bring in the new year. Check it out! There's a lot more to come -- maybe some time next week..

December 24th, 2001

Hello fans, drunks, brawlers, and general violence mongers, we apologize for the lack of recent updates. We have had problem after problem recently from hardware and weather problems to the birth of Mad Casey’s mad lil’ boy Cayden (though he’s not actually a problem), just a bundle of joy that requires a lot of attention and time with the teet.

Anyhow we will be bringing you season two of drunkenmatch sooner than later with new faces, old ones, and a few surprises that we are cooking up for the not so distant future. Also keep a look out for drunken merchandise and special edition video collection. Meanwhile we will be scouring the local bars and clubs for new drunken brawlers, shit talkers and those brave enough to be a drunken champion.

Drunkenmatch will be back Bigger, Badder, And with a vengeance.


November 13th, 2001

A whole week has gone by since an update, so tonight I uploaded a pretty good match. Drunken Girl Match no.2, Check it out!

November 4th, 2001

And here it is..Our first knock out! One of the fighters may have drank just a bit too much before the match this time, but it is definitely some highly entertaining drunken boxing. Enjoy!

October 28th, 2001

Here's something new. Our first drunken guy vs. girl match. We have a lot more coming. Stay tuned for more updates.

October 22nd, 2001

Uploaded another great match tonight. Introducinig a new fighter - "Big J". These two guys managed to tear out a huge piece of the fence. It's definately worth checking out. Enjoy!

October 20th, 2001

I posted our first rematch late last night . It's between Fausto De Fuertes and EL Desvariado. This was the second fight of the day for both of them and they nearly finished each other off for good. It's a must see. Also, here is the link to Prowl-Loc's song "" just in case you missed it. It's worth a listen.

October 18th, 2001

No new matches today but here is a link to an MP3 file you might want to check out. It was done by one of the fighters - Shawn Bluntz. Take a listen and enjoy!

October 11th, 2001

Sorry for the delay in matches lately. My wife just had a baby and we are still adjusting to this strange new life. I am hoping to have some time in the next few days to post some new matches. Check back soon.

October 3rd, 2001

Uploaded another match late last night. Check it out and enjoy!

September 29th, 2001

Just uploaded a match this morning. Introducing Dave Dog. I give Dave Dog a lot of credit for going up against Fausto - but Damn!! You gotta see the match for yourself.

September 26th, 2001

Posted a great match tonight with two new fighters. We shot some outstanding matches this past weekend including our first real knockout. You don't wanna miss what's coming, so check back often.

September 19th, 2001

Uploaded another match this morning. The new match features a new fighter and an old fighter and a whole lot of people cheering them on. Enjoy!

We here at have recently been discussing setting up pre-recorded videotapes to be available for purchase here on the web site. The quality of these videos is about 60 percent better than what you see here on the internet and will include extra match footage as well as some commentaries and drunken fighter interviews. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please send in an email to let us know.

September 11th, 2001

Just finished posting the first match from a series of matches we shot last weekend. Hope you enjoy it, there is much more to come. On another note, it was a very sad day here in America. Our best wishes go out to anyone who may have lost someone today.

September 10th, 2001

We shot a lot of good matches this past weekend. We met a few new fighters and ended up with some exceptional matches. More and more people are beginning to come to DrunkenMatch. We have almost outgrown Mean Brown AL's backyard. I just uploaded the last match from a couple of weeks ago. Check back soon and enjoy!!

September 6th, 2001

Here's one more match introducing a new fighter. Check it out. Sorry for the delay in new matches. We have had a few problems in the last couple of weeks but we will be back on schedule soon. Stay tuned for more.

August 28th, 2001

Uploaded the first of three new matches. These guys went six full rounds. Introducing "Crown Rory" as he goes up against our leading champ ,"El Desvariado". Enjoy!

August 21st, 2001

Our first Drunken girl match is finally here. It's a great match so check it out. We shot some excellent matches this last weekend. Stay tuned, we have a lot more coming.

August 15th, 2001

Uploaded a great match today! Watch as two of our heavier class fighters pound the drunkenness out of each other. There was a small injury in this match. No one was seriously hurt. Check it out!

August 13th, 2001

We shot some outstanding matches this last weekend. A real power match between "Sam G" and "Fausto De Fuertes" and our first drunken girl match is on the way as well. You don't wanna miss these upcoming bouts. Until then, I just finished posting match number 11 which introduces a new fighter, "Trail Hazard". Stay tuned and enjoy!

August 6th, 2001

Uploaded another match this morning. A real power match with lots of hard hits. Check it out and enjoy!

August 5th, 2001

Uploaded a match today, introducing a new fighter. Another match will follow in a day or so. Let us know your good or bad thoughts about by droppin' us a quick email. Enjoy the new match.

August 3rd, 2001

It's been almost two weeks since an update. We have two new matches on the way. The first one is a full on "Mud Match" and the second will be a power match between two of our toughest fighters. Two new fighters will also be introduced. You just can't miss all the action we've got coming, so check back soon.

July 21st, 2001

Updated the FAQ and Email pages today. Email should work now so please send in your comments. We weren't able to shoot any matches this week due to "Mean Brown" being out of town. We do have a big event scheduled for next week, so if all goes well we should have new matches to post shortly after. Stay tuned.

July 19th, 2001

Uploaded a match tonight. It's a good one with one new fighter. It started to get a little bit dark during this match, but it came out ok. Enjoy!

July 14th, 2001

Sorry for the delay in matches. Uploaded one new match today introducing a new drunken fighter. Check it out. It's a good match. We still have another good match on the way so check back when you can.

July 12th, 2001

Another couple of matches are on their way. We will be introducing two new drunken fighters this time, so don't forget to check back.

July 3rd, 2001

Just uploaded the sixth match. Two brothers battle it out to the finish. You can't miss this one. Enjoy!

July 1st, 2001

Uploaded match five.

June 27th, 2001

Uploaded the second of the four new matches. Enjoy!

June 26th, 2001

The first of the four new matches is up. It's a good one. We are still in the process of editing the last three, but we are workin' hard to get them up before the weekend. Enjoy the match.

June 25th, 2001

We shot four great matches this weekend. We are in the process of editing the first couple right now. Give us a day or so to upload them. This next round of matches will be worth the wait. Stay tuned.

June 20th, 2001

Added the next match. Check it out. This one gets a bit more rough. It may have brought on a "no pummeling once someone stays down" rule. I guess we'll have to vote on that. Sorry about the lighting in this match. It was getting dark. We took some light from inside the house but it didn't make much difference. I lightened it as much as possible. Hope you enjoy.

June 16th, 2001

We finally got the site up! Welcome to We will have a lot more information coming in the coming months, so for now just try to enjoy the match we posted.

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